Social Media and Personal Connection

This is a Facebook post I wrote today, thought I'd share on here too:

I don't really post much (and this is a long one). I've never been one to feel a need to share a lot about myself, nor want to be the center of attention (unless, maybe, I was prepared for it). Though, don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good mutual, back and forth conversation of equal sharing, and I do have a lot to share and things to say. However, the last few months I've had this sort of "social media depression", if you will. With our world so consumed by technology, I often feel like I should post, or I need to post for work and to promote myself and my colleagues. I try, but I start to feel less than when I just can't bring myself to teach yoga online (posting information and videos about yoga). I know it's reaching people in that way, but it just doesn't feel the same. I also can notice how many people see things, but less people commit to doing. I know I'm one.

Anyway, the thing is, as a yoga teacher, as a person, I don't want to be popular. I just know I want to help people. I'm fascinated by people. I prefer being in person with others and seeing their expressions, hearing their tones, observing how they were effected by the things they are telling me. I like to learn about what other people have experienced in their life and see how they got to where they are today. I want to understand why we do the things we do as humans. I listen, and I want to understand, so that I may better serve; And I think that's the place I'm in right now- in learning, observing, listening so that I know how to serve, where to serve, where to start.

Has anyone ever thought of or wondered what other "life moments" and happenings were going on when leaders in history made certain choices? What kind of drama was surrounding them? Who were the voices behind them? What were the personalities of the people they loved and how did they effect their decisions? Who were their mentors and influences? What traumatic events happened to them? What feelings of inadequacy, imperfection, or incompetence did they carry with them? All of us have so many things happening in our lives in any given moment, it must have some effect on what we do. Can you see how we are all connected?

So, yes, social media allows us to see some of those connections with people, but we are losing out on the deep rooted connections- the lets "visit" and catch up, talk it out. We need someone to reach out and touch our shoulder or our knee as we cry and say, "I'm here for you, I've been there too." I'm not really sure this "liking, loving, laughing, crying, angry face" is doing the job. I'm not really sure my comments are getting across as I fully mean them and feel them, which could be shown in my tone and my body language. And lastly, I'm not really sure why I wanted to share this with you today, other than I just think its important to bring awareness to how much we get on social media and how much time we spend actually listening to others. I believe we need that deep rooted connection now, more than any other time before. We need to go back to "visiting" people, having lunch with friends once a month or once a year, and having get togethers, swim parties, bar-b-q's with all our peoples together- single, married, parents, family, and friends. Lets have those debates and conversations in person instead of cussing at each other, hiding behind our computers and our phones.

Soo, who wants to have lunch this week or next? What familiar face is going to join me in some yoga? haha

Hey, thanks for reading all this, and please just know I am so grateful for you and love you. Only a handful of people in my friends are people I've never met but have some connection to, and so ALL of you have effected me in some way. Though I've been through a lot, I have a wonderful life. Thank you so much.

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